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March 5, 1991

Host: Eddie Craft - Wesley Simons - Darrel Harrison

Discussion: By grace through faith are you saved, but not by faith only; Passages theaching on the grace of God; The grace of God teaches us; John 6:66; Caller - Phil 2:10 and bowing our knees like praying on the mourners bench, The rapture, 144,000; The thief on the cross; Caller - Why did you skip John 6:63; Caller - Quit fussing over the radio; Caller - The works of Noah, Abraham and what were their righeous man.

April 2, 1991

Host: Eddie Craft - Elizabethton, TN
Panel: Darrell Harrison, Bruce Leonard

Caller - The Bible and the Bible only; Discussion: "Speaking where the Bible speak and keeping silent where the Bible is silent;" Caller - The beginning of the church on the day of Pentecost, prayer is a miracle; Caller - Miraclous healing?, Isaiah 66:24, Joel 3:10; Caller - Healing the hospital; Caller - How do you praying through?, The Bible is a history of the Jewish people.

February 19, 1991

Host: Wesley Simons - Shady Valley, TN

Discussion: The thief on the cross; Caller - What did Paul say about baptism for the dead?; Caller - Comments on Baptism for the dead; Caller - Can we believe with Paul?; Caller - Comments from Malcom Hill on the thief on the cross, What does "calling on the name of the Lord" mean - Acts 22:16; Caller - What is the difference in the churches of Christ?, Where does the name Cambellites come from?; Caller - Comments concerning "rocking the boat" concerning salvation; Caller - Christ coming back three or four times, Baptism of the Holy Ghost; Caller - Healing people and raising people from the dead; Caller - Comments on Mark 16:16 concerning being saved; I John 2:3-4.

January 10, 1991

Host: Wesley Simons - Shady Valley, TN

Questions called in - How does the Holy Spirit work in our lives today?; Call - What is the difference in the spirit of man and the soul of man?, Ecclesiastes 12:7, Terminality of the Bible; Caller - Instrumental music in worship; Caller - Soul of man, Law nailed to the cross, Colossians 2:12; Caller - Sexual relationships constitutes marriage?; Caller - Can I read the Bible and understand it?; Caller - Law of Moses, Adam knew his wife Eve; Caller - Our body as the body of Christ.

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