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November 20, 2003

Host: Wesley Simons - Elizabethton, TN
Panel: Robert Tate - Kingsport, TN; Nathaniel Johnson - Gate City, VA; Dustin Lifeford - Kingsport, TN

Discussion: Marriage, Divorce And Remarriage - Matthew 19:1-12; Caller - Mark 16:16, How is this verse related to water?; Caller - Hebrews 6:1; Caller - Translations and versions.

April 3, 2003

Host: Wesley Simons - Elizabethton, TN
Panel: Everett Morefield - Lebanon, VA; Ed DeVault - Elizabethton, TN

Letter written - Women praying and prophesing, Caller - Head covering, foot washing; Caller - What about bald women; Caller - Who to be in subjection.

March 11, 2003

Host: Ed DeVaut - Elizabethton, TN
Panel: Eddy Craft - Kingsport, TN; Milton Mathers - Bluff City, TN

Discussion: Great lessons in I Thessalonians 1; Caller - Heb 12:16-17 Forgiveness; Lessons in I Thessalonians 2; Does it matter where you are baptized?

February 20, 2003

Host: Wesley Simons - Elizabethton, TN
Panel: Bill Haywood - Abingdon, VA

Discussion: Be careful what we are preaching, "Once saved always saved?", Satan and angels falling, Ten commandments are not binding on us today, Sin of ommission and commission; Caller - Explain I John 3:9.

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