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Arise To Truth

On March the 5th 1985, the Arise To Truth radio program was aired for the first time on WZAP, 690 AM out of Bristol, VA.

The program was met with much opposition. Some of the first callers threatened to get up a petition to get us off of the air. I asked them if they believed in religious freedom, to which they responded, YES! They were not truthful in their response. The owner and management were bombarded with complaints. We are thankful that WZAP believed in religious freedom. The opposition was so strong that a disclaimer was aired following our program. The one which states, that the views and opinions expressed on this program are not necessarily the views and the opinions of WZAP. We want to state that WZAP has been nothing but fair with us. We could not have been treated better.

The denominational preachers told their members not to listen to our program. Even when one of the preachers would call and try to answer what we were saying, he would take that opportunity to encourage people not to listen. However, it seemed that the more they protested the more popular our program became. We told the people that no one was making them listen and if they did not like it, cut it off. However, we begged them not to cut the radio off, but to investigate what was being said.

We also issued a warning. We told the listening audience that their soul was too precious, hell is too hot and eternity is too long for them to take anyone's word on any Bible subject. Therefore, we encouraged our listeners to always check us out, but not just us, but all who claim to speak in the name of the Lord. We were trying and are still trying to sell them on the concept of Bible authority. We tell the audience that if we tell you that all you have to do to be saved is "stand on a table," then we wanted them to say, show it to me in the Bible.

The years have flown. As we look back through the battles that have been fought, we see that it was more than worth while. The radio program has helped to keep this entire area sound. Many members of the Lord's church listen to it. We feel that this is the first and most important value of this work. The second wonderful blessing is that over 100 precious souls have been converted including five denominational preachers. Some have asked, why has Arise To Truth been so successful? The answer is that we do not beat around the bush. We make it plain that one cannot be in a man-made church and expect to go to heaven. We call these groups by name and let the listeners know that they are unauthorized. Jesus said, "Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men," (Mark 7:7).

We are indebted to many congregations for the success of this program. We want to mention a few: The Crandull church of Christ, Stoney Creek church of Christ, Mtn. View church of Christ, C St. church of Christ, Abingdon church of Christ, Lebanon church of Christ, Valley church of Christ, E. Bristol church of Christ, State Street church of Christ, Liberty Hill church of Christ. These churches and others have seen to it that the bill at WZAP has always been paid. We say thank you. We never ask for money on the Arise To Truth radio program. God has told us how to support His works (I Cor. 16:1-2).

The speakers on the program are not paid. Some of them have driven thousands of miles through the years and have not received one penny for their efforts. Their reward awaits them in heaven. Some of those who have helped in days gone by are: Eddy Craft, Joe Collins, Everette Morefield, Ed DeVault, Tim Phillips, Mack Bennett, Milton Mathers, Clifford Newell, Bill Haywood, Adam Horn, Michael Jordan, Nathaniel Johnson, Buddy Morefield, David Irick, Ewell Pritchett and others. We are richly indebted to these men.

As I go to different places, people ask me, "How can we hear the Arise To Truth program"? I would have to say to them, you cannot for our signal will not reach this far. That problem has been fixed by way of this web-site. We invite you to listen to these programs with an open mind and an open Bible. We tell the people who listen to the program if we ever get you in the Bible, we have got you.

We only get one chance at getting things right in this life. We believe in contending for the faith (Jude 3), and being ready to give an answer for what we believe (I Pet. 3:15). We trust that you also want to be right in the sight of God. "We now commend you to God and to the Word of His grace which is able to build you up and give you an inheritance among all them who are sanctified" (Acts 20:32). God bless you as you study the greatest of all books the inspired, inerrant, perfect will of God.

For the elders of the Stoney Creek church of Christ (Who oversee the program)
Wesley Simons

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